Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter in Turkey

Living in a Muslim country, the Christian holidays tend to just slip my mind (although I only celebrate two of them).  For example, at Christmas, the whole idea of a "Christmas Spirit" was lacking, so I think that made it a lot easier to not be with my family, because it didn't really feel like I was missing out on anything.  Easter isn't a huge deal at my house anymore.  Growing up I would always dye eggs with my family, and buy a fancy new dress to go to Church in, then later in the day have an Easter Egg Hunt with the cousins after having a huge, delicious meal with my family.  Now that none of my cousins are kids anymore and we're all separated by hundreds of miles, that tradition has pretty much shifted into a huge dinner with the family, and all of the cousins sitting in the basement playing board games.

This year I obviously missed out on Apples to Apples in the basement and the colorful conversation at the dinner table, but I was able to spend my Easter in Izmir with one of my really good friends, Monica, from Washington (state), her host family and Riad.  Monica and I both put on dresses for dinner, to get into the Easter spirit, then we had a fish dinner with her family, and at dinner we told her family that it was Easter.  We told them about the tradition of getting together with your families, and also the tradition of coloring Easter eggs.  Monica's little host sister was intrigued by the idea of coloring eggs, so we put some eggs in a pot to boil, then we finished our dinner and went out for Turkish waffles while the eggs finished cooking.

And I wonder why I've gained so much weight over the past 7 months...
After eating our waffles and walking around a park, we all decorated eggs with markers and watercolors.  It was the first Easter for all of Monica's family, and also for Riad.  Everyone had a good time painting eggs and learning a little bit about American culture.  It was fun teaching other people about a holiday I celebrate at home, and it was also really fun celebrating with a friend who has a more traditional view of the holiday.  I got to learn and teach about Easter!  This Easter wasn't like any Easter I've celebrated in the past, but it was memorable nonetheless.

Getting our eggs ready to paint!

(Left to right) Monica, Riad, me and Monica's sister


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  1. Oh boy, was the cousin conversation ever colorful this year. Whew!!