Monday, April 15, 2013

Jack Jack!

This is me and my little cousin Jack the summer before I came to Turkey:

Somehow I got stuck at the little kid's table during a birthday party, and Jack was being angry with me, so we took an angry picture... for some reason we didn't also take a nice picture... Oh well, it's Jack and me nonetheless. 

Today when I checked my Facebook, my aunt had posted a picture of a piece of writing Jack did earlier in the year that she saw today for the first time.  

 "I would live to visit my cusin Anne. my cusin live in terkey. she jost want to high school. She is not in college. she did this thing and she had 5 choses to go to a state and she pick terkey so I want to go to terkey. To see my cusin Anne that is why. I want to go there because I want to learn people and how they saw and like...."

Jack's teacher may have been a little confused reading this if she didn't know I was an exchange student, but I thought this piece of writing was the sweetest thing.  It's nice being reminded sometimes that I have such wonderful support back home, even from my seven year old cousin.  I guess the really nice part about reading this was that he hasn't forgotten me and he remembers that I'm in Turkey.  He even would love to visit ME! Of all the places in the world!  This really did make my day and put a great big smile on my face!  Thanks so much Jack!! Love you!